Targeted Insights | Meaningful Impact

Lotus provides a dedicated approach providing clients with data driven insights to power success and improve stakeholder relationships


Gain Deeper Insight into Consumer Behaviour, Wants and Needs

Obtain unique insights into your consumers behaviour, expectations and experience with your brand.


Create and Sustain Competitive Advantage for your Business

Whether you are looking to enter a new market, develop a new product or grow your business, Lotus will help you design winning strategies in order to gain or retain competitive advantage.

Public Affairs

Stay abreast of Legislative & Regulatory Developments

Look to Lotus for interpretation and analysis of the regulatory and legislative landscape, as well as dedicated advocacy to help protect and advance the interests of account-based health plans.

About Us

Lotus Consulting is a boutique strategic research consultancy that blends proven research methodologies with cutting edge strategic thinking and analytics to give clients winning and measurable results.

Our mission is to deliver strategic intelligence to help leaders, business and organizations understand their environment better, design winning strategies and to better communicate their successes.


How We Work

We recognize that research and strategy are hard to get right but the way we work ensures that we provide you with simply the best output possible. Though each assignment is different, our work generally follows four main steps.


We first engage with you to ensure we get a good understanding of the challenge you are trying to solve.


We then plan step by step, making the necessary notes, how we are going to tackle the assignment.


We execute the plan- collecting data and analysing it- as discussed with you. We keep you updated.


We present the findings with you in the agreed format and make any necessary amendments as required.

Why is Lotus Different?


Just being able to design and execute a survey and write a report is not enough; you need people who understand the nuances of your particular field.
Our people have varied expertise and experience that helps us view any situation from multiple perspectives on top of superior research and analytical capabilities.


We believe in working with our clients who have good understanding of the contexts they operate in.
We seek to partner with our clients in the long-term and deliver real value as a result; this is the most effective way of ensuring that our research really does make a difference. We will work with you to conduct a superior assessment that still reflects our independent input.


We are committed to your long-term success – we will work to give you practical strategies that will help you significantly improve your social impact in your target communities.

Our Team

Our Team of experts helps our clients understand external trends and what they mean to the overall business strategy

Kamau Wairuri
Kamau Wairuri

Experienced strategist specialized in advising business & political leaders

Veselina Kracheva
Veselina Kracheva

Seasoned manager, expert in strategy, industry insights, economic intelligence

Veronica Mwania
Veronica Mwania

Skilled researcher with over ten years’ experience in field data collection and management

George Mwangi
George Mwangi

Seasoned business manager with good project management & research skills

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